CENTRO CLIMA Ltd.is Bulgarian-Israeli company founded in 1993

Our strategic goalis the implementation of highly efficient energy-saving technologies such as heat pump air-conditioners ELECTRA and lighting energy controllers (LEC). This is way to be included in the program of EU for of the climate package 20:20:20 and reach more of its requirements.

LEC (Light Energy Controller)is another basic product that Centro Clima Ltd. included in its pricelist in 2009 year. This advanced technology is saving electricity from lighting - very relevant in today's trends when speaking of energy efficiency, reduced emissions and protecting the environment. And at the same time saving big money to our clients. The installation of LEC controllers is made by a company with 20 years experience in maintenance and installation of lighting facilities in more than 30 municipalities in Bulgaria. That company has its own project and design department, which enables accurate and timely application of changes in projects and executives.

Since 1993 Centro Clima Ltd. is a representative of the famous Israeli manufacturer of air-conditioning ELECTRA CONSUMER PRODUCTSTheir long-term experience stands for reliability, quality and long life. With the ELECTRA equipmentthat we supply were conditioned: STEEL INDUSTRY - Pernik, PBX TU STTS, translation cells - MOBIKOM, MTEL, VIVACOM, MDK Economic Bank Pirdop, Pirdop Hospital, Kozloduy , embassies, offices, restaurants, casinos, shops, hotels and many more. Our air conditioners are installed in more than 2,000 apartments in prestigious complexes in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas like: Sofia Gardens, Vitosha Gardens, Vitosha Tulip, Lagera Tulip,Ori Buildings, Maritza Gardens, Botanic Garden, Sunny Hill, and more.

Centro Clima Ltd. offers the following energy-saving equipment and accessories:

• Energysaving facilities - LEC, Israel

• Heat pump and air conditioning technology - ELECTRA, France

• Solar panels and accessories - Chromagen, Israel

• Copper pipes - Halcor, Greece

• Vacuum pumps, drain pumps - Aspen, Great Britain

• Air grilles and cable channels - Twitoplast, Dan Tech Plast, Israel

• Insulation - Vidoflex, Israel

As a quality guarantee of the construction work is the strong and continuous cooperation of the company with its partners and successfully finished projects validated by state commissions.

Centro Clima Ltd believes that the path we chose to continue will raise the standard of Bulgarian citizens, will improve our environment and will help us to integrate to European standards of living